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About Us

RODINA Ltd. is a trading company specializing in the import and marketing of high quality food products for industry, production and trade.

We see ourselves as a pure B2B dealer and partner for our business customers.

Our company started with the import of the popular Sweet Peppers, a mildly hot variant of the cherry bell pepper originating from South Africa. They are ideal for fillings with cream cheese, tuna or olive paste, for pizza, spreads, salads and innovative product developments.

The spicy sweet jalapeños in green and red from South Africa are also part of our portfolio and are enjoying strong growth.

In the meantime, we have expanded our range even further and offer a wide variety of ready-grilled vegetables for further processing: from peppers to eggplant, sweet peppers and zucchini to mushrooms and other grilled vegetables.

We are constantly expanding and developing our business field for customers from various industries:

  • Delicies & Convenience
  • Vegan & Vegetarian
  • Dairy & Beverages
  • Cheese Processing
  • Meat Processing

It is important to us that the products and concepts are innovative. Therefore, we always develop them in cooperation with our certified and sustainably working manufacturing companies on site. Get in touch with us! We will do our utmost to ensure that you can integrate a desired product directly into your processes.

The subject of logistics plays a major role for us. To ensure that the “raw materials” reach our customers and business partners on time, we have set up various dispatch centers. The aim is to shorten delivery routes and minimize delivery costs.

The planning of the products and coordination of the forwarding agencies is done in our office in Berlin.

Quality is RODINA’s top priority.

When may we support you?

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Who is behind
Rodina LTD

Since the beginning of our activity our assortment has been constantly
taking into account the specialization within the
food industry.

Frank Coppus
Chief Executive Officer
Andreas Dutka
Chief Executive Officer
D-14109 Berlin Wannsee Bismarckstr. 13 A
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