Focus on the essentials, but always one step ahead for our customers and partners
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Our products are the focus for us

Raw materials are our world

At RODINA we are proud of our products and what we do.

Raw materials are our world and for that we give the best every day for our customers and partners.

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A-A-S-L iS our DNA


In cooperation with our exclusive manufacturers, we develop innovative products and concepts that you as a customer can integrate directly into your processes.


Your business activity is production or trade. We take care of your raw materials so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Your products.


Whether it’s a full container, a full truckload, a partial load, or a call-off of individual pallets, we’ll make sure your raw materials are delivered on time from our shipping centers.


Accurate timing and coordination of carriers are an important part of our business. We work with the best in your field to give you the reliability you need.

Our Products

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Sweet Peppers
gegrillt paprika halb
Grilled vegetables

We maintain strong and long-term cooperations with our certified manufacturers

Rodina LTD

As a specialized food trading company with direct access to the market, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative products and solutions for you.

With long-standing, certified producers we maintain a close and cooperative partnership,which is reflected in the organization, product quality and fast and plannable logistics.

Do you have any questions, an order, ideas or a project you would like to implement? We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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